Devoto-Oli is one of the most important Italian dictionaries, published by Le Monnier. The aim of the project was to make the pages and the thousand of entries easy to consult, since the layout, for its own nature, is constant. The whole typography is now redesigned and the text is organised thanks to the informations hierarchy, the focused usage of the colour and symbols. The typefaces used are Sole Serif by Cast Foundry and Nitti Grotesk by Bold Monday.

Nuovo Devoto-Oli, the dictionary of contemporay Italian

Project realized at Leftloft for Mondadori Education – Milan – 2016 / 2017
Honoured with the “Certificate of Typographic Excellence” TCD64 & Bronze at Laus Awards
Pictures by Marco Dabbicco

The color, the use of icons and the drop cap letters help the reader in finding easily the informations he needs. The two columns sections are characterised by three icons, depending on different topics.

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