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Beatrice D’Agostino

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from 01-2016, Milan
Type designer, Leftloft
from 09 to 12-2015, Milan
Graphic designer, Frank Studio
from 09-2013 to 07-2015, Berlin
Graphic designer, Bureau Christoph Dunst

from 01 to 06-2013, Helsinki
MA in New Media, Aalto University
from 10-2011 to 04-2015 Milan
MA in Communication Design, Politecnico di Milano
from 10-2008 to 07-2011 Milan
BA in Fashion Design, Politecnico di Milano
in 01-2016: selected to receive the TDC “Certificate of Typographic Excellence”
in 05-2016: TDC62 Travelling Exhibition – “If on a winter’s night a traveller”

from 02-2020, Milan
Teaching Basic Typography at One Year Visual Design – SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design
from 10-2017 to 02-2019, Milan
Teaching assistant – Politecnico di Milano
from 02-2019, Milan
Teaching at the course in Basic Graphic Design – Cfp Bauer
from 02-2019, Milan
Teaching in Typography Laboratory – SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design
from 02-2018, Milan
Teaching at the course in Type Design – Cfp Bauer

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